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Submision Guideline - InfoWebWorld Web Directory
IMPORTANT : No Submission is Guaranteed.

Before submitting make sure that the site you are suggesting is not listed. Resubmitting your site shall be deleted or Rejected.

Infowebworld’s goal is to make the Web Directory as useful as possible for our users, so as to make it function smoothly, we have set up policies for submitting sites for our consideration. We may reject, block, and delete the sites, which are not following these rules.

It is our goal in building the most comprehensive resource on the Internet and our goal to share it with the rest of the people, that is driving us forward. Your site is valuable to make our directory one of the best for the user who is seeking information.

You should take a few moments to understand these policies and the steps to submit a site before you begin. Failure to understand and follow these instructions generally will result in the rejection of a submission.

Infowebworld Editor reserves the right to decide whether, where, and how a site is listed. If accepts your site, Infowebworld reserves the right to list your site in any category or subcategory as Infowebworld deems appropriate, in its sole discretion. Infowebworld reserves the right not to include any specific keywords in the title or description of your site. Infowebworld also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove your site from the Directory, move the listing to a different category or subcategory, and change or remove any keywords at any time, for any reason.

Adult sites submission NOT ACCEPTED.
Site which contents adult material are not accepted. Any site that contents Sexually explicit material in its link or in its content and text and any sites which has sexually explicit images.

Adult entertainment such as pornographic or sexually explicit image galleries
Sites, which contain a mixture of adult content (as defined above) and non-adult content.
Sites which imply that the site contains Adult content such as "naked pictures", "sexy nude photos", or "hot young girls
Sites that primarily contain sex stories, without substantial literary, artistic, educational, or scientific value.
Sites which sell sex toys as a primary focus, or along with other merchandise intended for sale to adults only
Sites which have sexually explicit personal advertisements or message boards

Multi Languages Under World Category
Site, which has multi languages option, should be submitted under the proper region like World category. Else it would be difficult for the editor to edit your post. And when they edit you may loss you good description or keywords. So please be sure of submitting it in correct category.

Regional sites
The Regional category lists sites specific to a particular geographic area. The Regional category as a whole organizes sites according to their geographic focus and relevance to a particular regional population. Regional categories are built primarily for and by people residing in a particular geographic area, but should also appeal to other Internet users such as tourists and users interested in an area's cultural, social and economic conditions. So the sites, which are non-English, should be submitted in appropriate category.

These will be in a regional language or may reflect that particular region
If it is listed inappropriately than the editor have to do the rest so as to minimize the work of an editor please submit it n a proper category.

General Guideline

Do not submit Mirror sites.
Do not submit sites advocating violence of any sort.
Do not submit Gambling Sites.
Do not submit redirected sites, which redirects to some URL, which is different from the submitted one.
Do not submit sites with illegal contents such as child pornography, defamation, material that violate any intellectual property right; and material that specifically advocates, assist or provoke any illegal activity like violence, hatred, fraud etc.
Do not submit sites consisting majorly of affiliate links.
Do not submit "Under Construction" sites. Please be sure that all the links and graphics are working. Please ensure that your site does not have any broken links.
Do not submit sites which promotes/sells (or links to sites that do the same) illegal products like drugs, pirated software, weapons etc.
Submit Adult Sites in relevant category only.
Do not submit sub domains, if they can be easily reached from the main page.
Do not submit domains using UPPERCASE LETTERS!

Please note that the above listed are the minimum site criteria only, and Our editors use additional factors in deciding whether of not to accept your site for inclusion.

If your site is not accepted:

Once you submit the site wait for 6 - 8 week and still if you dont find you site listed please contact our submission department with the subject line My submission Status.

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